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We hope you like the properties we have displayed - but feel free to ask any questions you might want to. Some things are easy to overlook when getting accommodation. All of our properties have a washer/dryer, and some have a separate tumble dryer - this means that not only will you not have any laundry expenses, you can also do all of your washing in the house; much closer than having to walk to the laundry room. Most of our houses also come with dishwashers, so you can leave doing the washing up in the past, too.

The house you let from us is owned by us, too, which means that you deal directly with us; the landlord. You can take a look at the about us page to see who works within the business, but you can rest assured that whatever issue you may have, we have the staff to be able to deal with it quickly and efficiently. If there is a more serious issue, then we have tried and trusted contractors that we can call upon.

We look forward to hearing from you!